and again

ok. I’ll start again.

I’ve started this so many times and scraped it for various reasons. Getting what your thinking out there isn’t as easy as it sounds. I just need to get this first post done with. I’ve thought about it too much.

So anyway,I thought I’d start blogging because so many unusual things have been happening this year. For example I should be sorting out some sort of backup for my gig at the isle of white festival this sunday but instead I’m on the train, off to De Beauvoir town in Hackney to watch Jonathan Price dance all day , in a community hall, to the first tango I’ve ever written, for a film by my mate Luke Losey. Brilliant!

By the way, just incase you don’t know, Jonathan Price plays Sam Lowery in the Terry Gilliam film ‘Brazil’ that inspired me to give up work and aim for a life in music.

I had a crap job in an office  where my Mum used to work , she saw the film and recommended it to me , so I watched it one night and cried throughout the second half . Gave up my job two weeks later and went to art college . That’s one of the things you did if you wanted to be in a band back then. If you do nothing else today , go and watch brazil.

But it has been a mad year and, over the next while, I’m going to tell you about it as well as what’s currently happen as we go along.

I think I want to talk about how I’ve started again. I’ve gone from wielding the massive machine that was orbital , from selling out the Albert hall and playing with Stephen Hawkins at the Paralympics opening ceremony to returning to the very beginning again and playing in a bowling alley while people still bowl. Playing in the street in Brighton under a small tent type covering, 40 minutes late at ‘the gig where everything went so wrong, then went so right’( I’ll tell you about that later).

Gone are the tour busses, trucks full of synths and lights and video walls, no more tour managers , lighting designers, front of house sound engineers , stage managers , caterers, merchandise sellers and last but not least, no more riders.Its now just me, an occasional back line tech and two and a half suitcases of gear. And do you know what? The bowling alley was far more fun than the Albert hall.

I think I’ll leave it there for now, my first entry, wasn’t so bad. So much I want to say but I just needed to get something going , get it started. Again.

There I’ve done it now, no going back…

14 thoughts on “and again

  1. Gabor Szalai

    Maybe I should blogin’ too then alway replying to things…..but interesting… that albert hall vs. bowling experience 🙂


  2. kelvingreen

    I was watching for the sidelines at that Gig Where Everything Went Wrong and it was painful to see you so worried but then it all came together and you put together a superb show.


  3. Andors Pulpanik

    Great to hear your thoughts Paul. Hauling around synth rigs and Phil’s big ass console must of been a logistical nightmare compared to your. ‘two suitcase’ model of today. Do you think less stress (gear malfunction) leads to greater creativity on the fly?


  4. Shok

    The moment I knew you had new tunes coming, I was excited! I hope you are well, Paul. It has been a long time since we spoke.
    I am hoping you are well. I may visit Ben Watkins in the next year and some other Brighton folk. Are you still out that way? Best Wishes!


  5. Charlie Boxall

    I’m glad you had more fun at the bowling alley gig, Paul I had a great night, so I hope you will do more of these intimate gigs. Unfortunately for us fans with young children, your festival appearances this year are not a practical option, (though a return to V festival would be awesome as Highlands Park is a 10 minute stroll from my house!) The blogs are a great idea, it’s nice to have a insight into your thoughts and to what goes on behind the scenes.


  6. Morgan

    Hi Paul, I just saw that you posted this on the Orbital Facebook Page and wanted to say thank you so much for starting this blog! Orbital has been such a HUGE influence for me and it was at one of your shows that I decided with my best friend that we wanted to be electronic musicians (1998?). He went on to study aural cognition and me, electronic music and digital media. I’d say that many of the thoughts that brought us to these choices (which set a pathway for us for nearly the next 10 years to today!) had ORBITAL as much of the soundtrack and inspiration for our craft and future professions – he’s now at Dolby and I do web design and electronic music.

    Anyway, I do hope you continue blogging for this new chapter in your life.

    I have a blog here ( and also try to blog regularly on interesting interviews, people and projects I come across. And of course share tracks I have been working on. Maybe some people read it (ha!), but I at least can look back and see a chronology of my creative/thought/writing processes over the years. I’ve had mine for about 8 years and it’s always cool to be able to look back at different points in my life to see where I have come from.

    P.S. If you’ve got a mobile smartphone, there is probably a WordPress app you can install to make Posts from your phone. I know WordPress also has a nifty ‘Posts by Email’ feature if you can’t be bothered logging into or mucking about on the interface (which I know can be a bit baffling). Just send an email to a ‘secret’ email and the Subject becomes the Post Title and the Body becomes the content of your post:

    Good luck and I look forward to reading more!


    1. Morgan

      P.S. On the theme of ‘Again’, my father and I are actually running a writing contest on our blog with ‘Again’ as it’s theme: you should enter! I’m sure you would have fitting story (or two) to submit and you’d also get some good feedback on your writing if that’s valuable to you. We’d actually decided to relaunch our blog ‘again’ just a few weeks ago.



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