it’s not me , it’s you.

Heres a funny bit of film I found, it’s me remixing ‘it’s you’ for EMF in my parents house in time-lapse. A typical working day back then , lots of talking on the phone ( pre mobile ) and mates popping in and out all the time. I like the time lapse-sound as you can hear the development of the mix and the different elements that I’m working on as the day progresses.  This film and the halcyon one are both from the Dunton Green era of Orbital, I may stick to this chronology for a bit as I’ve found some good stuff from the Fun-Da-Mental tour of Amsterdam and Holland.

Heres the final mix:-

4 thoughts on “it’s not me , it’s you.

  1. David Campbell

    I’d love to know what the argument is about / who with at about 2:30.

    “Please don’t … IN THAT CASE – !!!!!”


  2. Ivan Todorov

    Great work. I like this song more than original just because I can’t explain in rhyme. To be a good poet like James Atkins and brilliant composer like Paul Hartnoll is a gift from God. Thank you for all and I will never forget you. I’m in new situation. ble I’ll must decide to live with memories or do something for the cause. All info is burning so don’t



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