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the start of the films

I’ve decided to start uploading short videos from my home recording archive. I always carried a video camera around with me for most of the time with orbital. I’ve been looking back at it recently and there is some remarkable stuff there.i look through it now and again and it grows better with age. Real time capsule stuff. It documents the path of orbital but also the rise and development of the rave scene in general. It covers all sorts from unreleased songs played live to time-lapse days in the studio to scenes of people , quite frankly, off their heads after a big night out. I have loads of footage from the first ewer orbital tour of the states with the fabulous meat beat manifesto and ultramarine . I keep putting it off as I never know where to start but I’ve decided to just go ahead and start any way , it might make sense eventually but I doubt it.

First one is ‘the making of Halcyon ‘

It’s some of the video I shot while cutting the original 12″  with Kevin Metcalf. Also some behind the scenes shots of the video shoot at my Mum and Dads house in Dunton green. You can see the lacquer being cut on the lathe and hear it going down, if you own one of these 12″ then that’s the mother of it right there! It was the first time we had seem the mastering oscilloscope , that was the inspiration for our live show for years to come. check out the glass bottom sink we got made via the blacksmith at the other end of the village ( that’s how old this is! so last century. ) It was such a home-made video but shot by  Seamus McGarvey who went on too much bigger things (google him ) so looks fantastic still.

Anyway have a look at this one , more to come soon.